Algonquin Careers Academy

college in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Located in Mississauga, ON, as well as a campus located in Ottawa, Algonquin Careers Academy is a private Canadian owned career college that has been providing career training since 1981. Offering career training diploma, certificate and continuing education programs, Algonquin Careers Academy accredited programs include: Travel Programs. Business Programs, Health Care Programs, and Law Programs. Their full-time diploma programs range in length from 24 weeks to 50 weeks including related co-op work placement. To enhance the learning experience, Algonquin has established excellent working relationships with employers. These relationships enable students to obtain real life experience through non-paid co-op work placements. With the co-op placements, students have the opportunity to apply the lessons they have learned in the classroom, gain confidence in their skills, and open doors to future employment. Algonquin students come primarily from the Greater Toronto Area and the Ottawa Valley, but the College also welcomes international students from around the world.

Algonquin Careers Academy is located at 1830 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6. For more information, please contact (613) 722-7811.