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Alfred Griffin

Cleveland, Ohio

Go getter, laid back, I'm a firm believer in "If it does not kill me, let's get at it!". I like to get around and see things and people. Anything that i undertake, i pretty much will follow threw with it untill advised otherwise or the outcome leads to a undesired payoff. I like positive people, I really have a thing against bullies and people that hurt others for the sake....Just for the sake of it! And yes to the ones who have seen me since school, I still have issues with certain folks LOL!....and the service did not make it any better!...LOL! Nooo just kidding! God has been a big part of me since the service. That's what helps make me a good filmmaker and was a great bodyguard. Retired!...for now. I have just been working on some INDIE filmmaking, plus still pop'in with the music and music video's. Hope all of ya'll have been Blesssed!

  • Work
    • King Nut
  • Education
    • Cleveland School Of The Arts
    • Art Institute of Pittsburgh