Akeel Alhafidh

Hengelo, the Netherlands

Dr. Akeel Alhafidh is an Iraqi doctor who fled his country in december 1995 and ended up in the Netherlands. The first few years were needed to await the permit to stay and to learn the Dutch language. In 1999 he was allowed to start his education. Two years were spent becoming a resident again, an obligated part of the study. After that he was able to work in an European medical system. During these two years, he took an interest in gynecology, so in 2001 he started working as a resident in MCL medical centre in Leeuwarden. It was there, where he was highly recommended for a post as an consultant in training. During this training, he sub-specialized in uro-gynecology and endoscopic surgery. He was invited to work in ZGT Hospital Hengelo in 2008, so when he finished his study in 2009, he immediately started his current position.

  • Work
    • Gynecology Consultant