ALHaithem Thebat

He studied Computer Sciences . Before this he started working as a Systems Analyst and programmer . In 2000 he became interested in viruses due to an incident with the ' I Love You ' Virus incident. His solution was well received in the World media and businesses. In 2002 he became a founding member of SE (Security Encyclopaedia for Computer Anti-Virus Research). Over the years he maintained a reference library of software, books and almost everything that has been published in the computer security field.

In 2003 he became a Penetration Tester . Since 2004 ALHaithem started giving seminars and workshops about security. He wrote the "Virus Article" for the Encyclopedia Security, . In March 2006 ALHaithem became a member AV . He has been working as Anti-Malware Technology Expert for the anti-virus industry .

Since the beginning of 2007 he is working as Security for the security Expert . He is doing anti-malware and security research, consultancy, training and communication with press, distributors, resellers and endusers.ALHaithem often speaks at known security conferences like Virus Bulletin, EICAR, AVAR, InfoSec and others. He is also a recognized security media expert .

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