Alhamrah Corporation

Dunmore, PA

Many might call Alhamrah Corporation a cigar company, but as a retailer that also sells items including lighters, e-cigarettes, batteries, over the counter medicine, and even clothing items, it is obviously much more than that. Though a big company that has grown significantly recently, Alhamrah Corporation still maintains a comfortable, laidback work atmosphere that makes it an enjoyable place to work, where everyone is treated like family. Many employees that have been part of the company since its inception.

In addition to the wide variety of merchandise they offer, Alhamrah Corporation serves many types of customers. They include individuals who can purchase items directly from the warehouse, convenience stores in 28 states and counting, and wholesale retailers across the country. They take pride in their high quality of service which leads to long term relationships and repeat customers.

Alhamrah Corporation has been serving the cigar and smoke shop industry for more than a decade. It is an organization that can supply any kind of store, whether it’s one that is cigar and smoking industry specific or one that offers a wider variety of items, with the products they need.