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Al Hassan Amin

A pro-active Student at 2nd Civil Engineering Department who is self motivated and a hard worker, concentrated in Project Management Professional ( PMP ) Field , Entrepreneurship , Inventory management , organizational leader and decision-maker that can make an immediate contribution to operations and business development . Strategic Objectives for me are to have a Smart Career in Civil Engineering beside Entrepreneurship and Inbound Marketing . The First Track For me Is Volunteering in Life-Makers Foundation . Thanks to it , I arrived The Point Of Start Ladder to achieve Specific and Smart Aims in Addition to Realization Importance of Management in all sides of My Life . The Next and Within 3 Years I Look forward to having More Experience Qualify Me to be a Entrepreneurial Project Manager .My Next Destination is Joining The World Of ICE ( Institution Of Civil Engineers ) and sharing the Technology and Entrepreneurship with Civil Engineering Field .