Alastair Henry

London, Canada

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Born in Glasgow, grew up in Lancashire and emigrated to Canada by myself at the age of 19. I retired at 57, only to return to the workforce in Canada’s North two years later in search of adventure and a deeper meaning to life. The experience of living with a small First Nations band in a remote community in the N.W.T. was so life changing that it motivated me to write my memoir - Awakening in the Northwest Territories, and to embark on a new life path of volunteering in Asia, Africa, S. America and the Caribbean.

The second memoir in the "Boomer's Adventures" trilogy, "Go For It - Volunteering Adventures on Roads Less Travelled," co-written with my partner, Candas Whitlock, covers our volunteering experiences and adventures in Bangladesh, Jamaica and Guyana.

The third memoir in the trilogy, "Go For It - Budget Backpacking for Boomers," - to be published in the Fall 2015 - is about our travels and adventures in Central America (Panama, Cost Rica and Nicaragua) and S.E. Asia (Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand)