Al Hogwood

Hogwood (31)

Al Hogwood works for a local school system in the area of Special Education. Al
Hogwood is a Special Education Teacher, having graduated from the Saint Leo
University with a B.A. in sociology and Liberty University with a Master's in
Education. Al began teaching for private school in 2006 and eventually
transitioned to a public school in 2011. In addition Al has worked as mentor
for children with behavioral disorders and prepared adults with autism to be
independent in the community. Al served his country for 6 years as Air Force
Reservist where he was tasked with assisting airmen on Dover AFB with their
needs. Al, is also a member of Phi Beta
Sigma INC. He currently serves as the Director of Education for the Beta Sigma Chapter.
In 2010 Al was ordained a Deacon by the late Bishop Anthony Moses. Al has
participated in many community activities through his fraternal organization,
church, and work.