Al Hudgins


Al Hudgins


Creative from the cradle. All my life, I've been finding unusual and innovative ways to tell fiction and poetry and in the marketplace for a wide range of clients.


Three Newspapers Blowing by on a Snowy Day

What fell, I felt, were razor flakes:
their edges sharpened my mistakes,
the flurry of regrets I’d stored,
confessions I found hard to make.

The breeze beyond my window soared
and down the empty street implored
two acrobats to skate on by,
a circus I could not ignore.

Theirs was a teasing way to fly,
a zigzag game of Tag the Sky.
A third slid in, a harlequin
of retail logos, smooth and sly,

spread-eagled first, then leaping wind
to sudden heights—and this is when
I realize they’re lifeless sheets:
and I’ve projected dance on them.

My heart’s eclipse cannot deplete
this joy I beam to paper feet
to animate a lonely street
to animate a lonely street

(c) 2015 Al Hudgins

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