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Ziad Alhuwaidi

Kharj KSA. and Columbia USA

السلام عليكم.

الاسم زياد مواليد ديسمبر 29. طالب جامعي

احب الانمي, الجيمز, الكيبوب, و الكورة.

احب التعرف على الناس خاصة اللي يشاركوني هواياتي و الاشياء اللي احبها.


I am a boy: single

my name is Ziad, I was born in Dec 29th, and a college student

I love anime, vidoe games, Kpop, and football (soccer)

I love making new friends especially who share my interests and likes.

if you wanna chat with me you can reach me by:

Line messenger : zeyadinho

Kakaotalk: zeyadinho10


I hope that would be enough, if you want to ask about something just do :)