Ali Alizadeh

Project Manager and Public Speaker in Espoo, Suomi

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My name is Ali Alizadeh and I am 32 years old. I'm originally from Afghanistan and I was born in Mashhad, Iran, but I currently live in Espoo, Finland. I have cerebral palsy and I am a physically disabled but the rest of my body is working very well. Besides, I have Finnish citizenship.

I have a business idea, but due to the nature of my condition it is difficult for me to personally develop it further. I need someone to develop it with me. However, first I would want to share two things about my project idea with interested people. Therefore, this process will move forward in a clear manner.

The business idea of the Fassment project is related to ICT accessibilities, forensic technologies / biometrics authentication for the verification and approvals of the safety service on various levels and managing and monitoring all security aspects of passwords, pin codes and any type of confirmation codes for government, legal, financial, social media communications and private sectors on all smart devices for definition, design and set up a new access system in accordance with the one standard in the world.

The first thing I need for developing my accessibility and authentication project so that it can be presented to potential acquirers is a project leader.

The project leader's tasks would include clarification of the project's overall picture and helping me developing it in the future. The idea of the project is to help people with various disabilities use information technology authentication services and technical user interfaces in an easier manner, by combining services under a single identification system. The system could work with the aid of various biometric identifiers or, for example, via motion-based systems.

In reality the development of my big business idea is uncertain. I do not know that where from can I find / get a capable and a completely reliable project leader for the realization, enforcement and the future.

And I would like to know that if you have any resources or someone could assist me with the realization, enforcement and development of my business idea. If possible please contact me.

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