Ali M. Haymour

A target driven, self motivated, result producing team player, highly organized individual with strong leadership skills, ready willing and able to technically, theoretically & practically make and support crucial on the spot decisions.

Capable of performing duties in harsh environments as I have performed jobs in the freezing environment of Anchorage Alaska (USA) as well as duties in the deserts of the Middle east and the Gulf Council Countries.

As a HAZ-OPS / fireman, team work and group performance are essential parts of my professional career were your teammate trusts you with his/her life and so do you.

A fully pledged environmentalist & a donating member to GREENPEACE since 1990.

On personal and professional levels environmental protection is not just a job it is a life style learned, taught & practiced.

From an early age I discovered an interest in serving people and found a great deal of personal & professional satisfaction when lending a helping hand, through that I decided to go into the field of Industrial & Construction Safety as we help protect people and contribute to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their loved ones on daily basis where the job never ends.

Self auditing is a skill obtained through several years of local & international experience in the field of Health, Safety & Environmental Conservation (HSE) where only perfection is regarded as a job well done.

Open minded to constructive criticism, where I continuously seek people with more experience & knowledge than I and constantly seek knowledge from those who have it.

Sincerely Yours,

Haymour, Ali M.

Safety Specialist