Alison Grant-Préville

I love to create. It makes me feel alive and present in my world. First of all, I create as I care for my two wonderful children (Xavier, age 8 and Amélie, age 12), and in my relationship with my inspiring husband. We speak French at home and our children go to École Ste. Jeanne d’Arc and École Joseph Moreau. I create as I teach Grade 1 and music at Mount Pleasant School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When I have time after all that creating, I look for a few spare moments in my day to find my art supplies, write in my journal, or compose or improvise at the piano, sing or play my flute. I think that my time will be precious and elusive this year, because I will be starting my Master's Degree with the European Graduate School and the World Arts Organization in the Expressive Arts Consulting and Counselling program. It's going to be VERY busy!! But definitely EXCITING!!! I am bursting to get at it. After 4 decades I have finally found my true passion, which is about deepening my ability to make a difference in the world through the arts. I am so privileged to have a built-in laboratory to start exploring new ways of teaching music in the hopes of inspiring creativity and transformation in the lives of my students in my music classroom. Let's go!