Ali Khaidhir

Junior manager, Volunteer, and Student in Jakarta, Indonesia

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15 Rabi Al-Awwal 1409

ENFJ. But now, learn to be an introvert.

A Buginese, Indonesian

Love photography, sport, reading, writing (sometimes), exploring, gaming, and addicted to traveling

Mountain and beach lover

Not a smoker!

Teacher and philanthropist wannabe

Interest : books, food, business, historian, religion, technology, science, sports

Book interest : history, geography, fiction, science, literature, financial, theory, islam, manga

Islam, #IndonesiaTanpaJIL

Basically an extrovert. Born pure ultra-extrovert. But now, it seems i am going silent and introvert. No more talkative, show off, and 'noisy'. Sometimes romantic but originally 'cool' and pay no attention. Careless but detail. Lazy but don't like mess.

  • Education
    • Informatics Engineering Diponegoro University
    • Diponegoro University