Ali Phillips

Ali Phillips has been a dancer since the age of 4; she has been teaching dance since leaving high school; and in 2009 Ali began her own business leveraging her skills in dance to create an inclusive dance troop for teens and young adult with special needs. Ali has successfully blended her passion for dance, her skills in performing and her awareness of inclusive communities to build a fulfilling and inspiring career as a dance teacher.

Ali believes everybody on earth can dance whether they're trained or not. For this reason she supports those who aren't traditionally considered 'talented dancers' by giving them a chance to explore their potential as movers, story tellers, performers, team mates and athletes.

Ali takes her skills seriously and is in the process of completing a bachelor of fine arts majoring in both Dance and Education at the Queensland University of Technology. Alongside her studies Ali teaches all around Brisbane including local dance schools, high schools and community centers.

Ali's most significant contribution to the Brisbane dance community thus far has been the creation of her program "Bust A Move". Bust A Move is Brisbane's first inclusive dance program for teens and young adults with disabilities. The once weekly program incorporates hip hop, free style and ballet techniques into a one hour class focused on improving student's skills in performance and dance co-ordination as well as team work, self efficacy, creativity and social emotional skill building.

Ali is a very energetic, passionate and fun person! She loves meeting new people, collaborating and sharing her passion of Dance with the world!