Ali R. Mansour

Business Developer and Designer in Tehran, Iran

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I have always found myself to be equally passionate about 3 things: engineering, art, and management. I came to know myself as someone who is fascinated by the process of design, this fascination showed itself in my love for the subject of graphic design and photography in my early youth. When I was studying to get my bachelor’s degree, that undying fascination showed itself in my fondness for engineering mechanisms and perhaps architecture, yet again. However, as I obtained my bachelor’s degree, my fascination for design shifted its way toward the “designing of organizational structures and innovative ideas for business”, I was so taken away by this subject that I pursued the rest of my education in the field of MBA. The impact of my fascination with the design is traceable all through my professional background. Today, with all the experiences I have gained along with my innovative, challenge accepting, ambitious and problem-solving personality, I find myself ready to discover new methods and approaches in order to tackle various issues and problems.

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  • Work
    • FANAP Telecom
  • Education
    • National Org. for Development of Exceptional
    • Amirkabir University of Technology
    • Kharazmi University