M.Ali ashiq

In generally i am very tense person, i am hapPy wen i dress up myself. I like to access thing, but i also like my space that's seprate fron averyone so i can have some peace and quiet. I would like to live in a different way and as times have been difficult, i'hv learn to live even more simply.

my Fav. vacation spot: Eiffel tower

my fav. cologne: Art for men

Fav.muxic:depend upon mu mo()D

i am addicted to:to talk to my very close ones(to myLove as well)

If i could change one thing about me:it would be my attitude & the way of living alone


Love or Money:absolutely Love

when i am happiest:i am happiest when i think i l()()king smart

still can't believe: that i have friend like Canada (nick name of my love).