Ali Almulla

Ali Almulla

I have worked in the media industry field, and I have important and successful experiences in establishing many media projects in Iraq, Jordan, UAE, UK and USA.

It is noteworthy, that one of these tasks of experiences is my mostly rich experience in field of the sports media, for instance, I have established “The Iraqi Sport Today” newspaper 2003-2007. This newspaper had become an exceptional succeeded footprint on the field of sport media in Iraq post war 2003. Because it was a new source of news through the correspondent journalists and offices scattered across the world.

The Iraqi Sport Today has considered a genuine expression of success in terms of efficiency and professionalism. It really was such a great experience, for me and for all 45 journalists, those whom worked, and are still successfully working at the field of media since they have started the first time in this newspaper.

Additionally, I have established the National bearer of Media Services in 2008. The company was characterized in its field of specialization in reloading a new mass media, and it has subjected to prepare training courses targeted both Public and Private sectors in Iraq, where it has enter a new style advertising and trade promotion across giant screens.

I am currently the direct manager, CEO, of the Taj satellite Broadcasting Company. This company is specializing in providing full services of mass media. The company also has principle businesses operating which is the Iraq Trade Satellite Channel - IQT.TV.

I have important and good relationships with decision maker in many countries cross the world and working in more than one project as consultant in public relations. I have a lot of research and studies on the field of public relations, government media making and creative social media.