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Ali Bushra

Sudan, Khartoum

My name is Ali. I am from Khartoum, Sudan. I am a graduate student of Khartoum University, Faculty Of Education, English Language Department. I do have a bachelor Degree In Art and Education and I am A teacher Of English Language. I am Interested In Education, Art, Music, Digital Photography and many exiting things. Daily, I spend many many of Hours In Internet try to find out what is best In the world ever. I do this because I definitely believed that the Internet has became a part of our lives as a new Era of Generation. I do not deny the Importance of Books and I think Its foolish to deny it, but let us be absolutely clear; certainly the Internet became very very valuable book If we really use it In a perfect way. So, developing my self In everything is something Important to me. One of my favorite Website Is TED. here, I find everything I need. and finally one of my finest concern is to get the best around the world and move on.
I am Tolerant, Genius, Generous, and Optimistic.

  • Education
    • University of Khartoum