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Ali Cheaib

Just as mysterious as Big Foot, however maybe not as cool. A native from Beirut, Lebanon Ali Cheaibs parents moved to Canada when Ali was just 2 years old. A lover of all sports the lack of an ability to make a jump shot had him limited. After years of delibration the decision was finally made to pursue a career in sports, but on a different route. While obtaining his Public Relations Diploma from Durham College Ali hopes to pursue a career in sports. Maybe a PR representative for a the Toronto Raptors, or maybe a personal PR rep for an athlete. The outcome is definitely uncertain, but the grind will never stop.

"My end goal is to be the kind of coach my friends and I never had, and maybe to open a gym or recreational centre of some sort to keep kids busy and away from crime. For myself to make a difference right now I’m saving up to be able to pay for my coaching certifications, it’s going to take time and money, but it’s definitely worth it in the end if I can keep just one kid on the right path."

-Ali Cheaib

Many people wonder, why sports? Other than the thrill that comes from making a game winning shot, or catching the crucial touchdown for your team sports can teach an individual many things. The art of teamwork and cooperation can be developed. Loyalty to your teammates, knowing that they have your back and you have theirs.