Ali Chérif

Project Manager, robots maker, and digital influencer in Nabeul‎, Tunisie

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Ali "ALiYyEe" Cherif I am actually an Electrical engineering student in the high institute of technology Nabeul #ISETN and I got my Bachelor degree in 2014.

I am a mobile developper ( Android and Cross Platform Certification from ON CAMPUS/Mdev Tunisia)

I am a Firefox student ambassador in Tunisia.

I am the founder and CEO of the plateform

I am a Technical manager of Tunisian Association of Gamers(member of the international E-sports federation ieSF.)

I am the Founder and the president of the Robotics Club ISETN.

I am the founder and the president of WAKE UP Bouzelfa.

I am a radio animator in Vitaa radio.

I am an Infographiste and COD manager in Tunisian Clan.

I invented a compagnon robot called NEMS.

It is able to maintain balance on two wheels and interact with its user and its environment. It is able also to speak in two languages, to move, to take pictures, and to display a face on the screen that occupies his head, in order to entertain its user.It can be manipulated also with gestures.

The objective of this version is to prepare a well robust platform at the hardware and software that can be able to receive future developments at several levels such as the addition of artificial intelligence.

I am very interested in new technologies , especially by technological aids for people with special needs and eSports.