Ali Jawad

Ali Jawad is the co-owner and CEO of Armada Oil Company. He is also the founder of the Lebanese American Heritage Club in Dearborn, Michigan. As a Lebanese Immigrant living near Detroit, he is a member of the United States' largest Arab Population. He is a hard-working community member who loves and helps his area and neighbors.

Ali Jawad began the Lebanese American Heritage Club on the date of Lebanon's Independence Day. The group began as an athletic club. They would coordinate to play soccer or other activities, as well as attend social events with Lebanese singers. They have evolved into one of Metro Detroit's premier youth organizations. They offer guidance and opportunities to the youth of their community. As a whole, they find it imperative that kids have the chance to safely enjoy several activities and sports.

The heritage club is a non-profit organization whose activities and programs extend throughout the greater Michigan area. The group has received national attention and praise for its initiatives and efforts. A few of their events are the Lebanese Independence Day celebration, Ramadan dinner and the Arab American International Festival. Ali Jawad is proud to contribute his time and money to a productive and respected group of his people.

Outside of the heritage club, Ali Jawad does everything he can to advance Arab-American youth. His efforts instill a sense of pride regarding their ancestry while becoming strong and productive Americans. He teaches them to embrace the balance of both cultures. Siding with one or the other won't lead to success.

In a final effort to give back to Arabic youth, Ali Jawad works with the Arab American Scholarship Foundation. The group finds young Arabs with the drive and ability to succeed. These students, who otherwise might not be able to afford higher education, are awarded a scholarship. Since the group's founding, over $1.5 million has been provided to students in need.