Ali Saad


I have just graduated in Master`s Degree of social communication science at Allame Tabataba`i University with an average score above 89 percent. My final thesis was about the usage of mobile phones in organizing social excitements among people of Tehran pertaining to 2009 Iran`s post-election protests and I passed it with an excellent score. To publish my research result, I wrote an article that is accepted in social development and welfare planning Journal and soon will be published. In addition an English article and a book about main subject of thesis are under writing.
Studying about social effects of new information and communication technology, social effects of virtual space, usage of new information and communication technology, world’s recent socio-political protests and social networks analysis are my research interests. I am keenly interested in acquiring more practical knowledge in recent revolutions and investigate the role of social networks and virtual space in organizing these protests. Since I have good mathematical background, I am familiar with and interested in quantitative and numerical researches.

  • Education
    • Master Degree
    • Social Communication Science