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Aliaa Khairi

The name is Amira Alia Binti Mohd Khairi. I was born on 2th July 1996. Imma girl who loves to dances, created something useful and extroved. My talent is I can speak chinese and dancing ofcourse.

However, Im on my way to set a battle for SPM this year. Im on ICT stream and determine to get 9 A+, I guess.? Well, thats my last wishes. Okay, I hope Allah will always be by my side.

Okay, I've got nothing to say about. I have mission to settle with. Haha, Im gonna get my gold that I've been waiting for all this years. You guy's dont know what I meant, Im under The Young People Association Award (: I cant wait for it.

Lastly, I miss my best patner Aniz Nordin + Zara. Thats all, thankyou!