Ali Abdullah

Ali Abdullah

Ali Abdullah is no stranger to the fast break.

Whether on the court or in the board room, this young man executes plays with a quick, mental precision that far belies his 26 years. Born and raised in Harlem, NY, Ali fundamentally understood opportunities very rarely knocked, they were to be created. As the youngest in a line of four siblings, he learned patience at an early age through the priceless concept of waiting your turn; Ali’s turn has officially shuffled to the top of the playlist.

As a freshman in undergrad, Abdullah began to cultivate an industry acumen that would assist him in founding both a not for profit sporting foundation, 5th Avenue Sports League, and a versatile for profit sports and marketing company that doubles as a platform for all of his current dealings in the entertainment and sporting industries, respectively.

No novice to the power of viral marketing, Ali has exponentially increased his quiet but influential presence in the world of social media with internationally successful advertising campaigns for professional basketball players such as Al Harrington and created successful and sustainable branding for Fortune 500 companies – Mountain Dew, GNC, Boost Mobile, Red Bull, Sprint PCS, Spartan Race and the National Basketball Association to name a few. Abdullah’s signature visionary work is successful integration of professional athletes and product endorsements at a grassroots level; most notably to date, Carmelo Anthony’s celebrity positioning with Boost Mobile in tandem with signing to the New York Knicks – replete with 128 foot billboard in Herald Square – no small advertising feat. Abdullah has even been afforded the opportunity to stretch his philanthropic wings working with the Department of Education and Russell Simmons Jewelry Co.

Consistently, the business magnet’s ventures have created in excess of millions in revenue and his projects contiguously hit their mark in projected profit. Ali credits his steely calm business demeanor to his 3+ year practice of Zen Buddhism and steadfastly practices Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule (Outliers). He has carved not just a niche in the advertising world, he has chiseled out a full corner of it; so much so that his wildly successful style of market research has been coined ‘blind-sided’ development amongst his peers. Ali is a strong believer in the mentoring structure and relies on a bevy of his own: Mike Novogratz, Al Harrington and Marc Lasry ar