Alia ElKattan

Cairo, Egypt

I'm a 17-year old ambitious Egyptian from Cairo, with great passion and diverse interests: mainly photography & film, robotics, MUN, and playing football (soccer).

I'm hoping to pursue a career in Robotics, a field which I'm greatly interested in, and has unlimited potential. Aside from being a robotics (Botball) student, I'm also an active MUN delegate, both online and offline. I have participated in 7 conferences, both local and international. I am also honoured to be a part of the leadership team (3rd consecutive year) for the world's first free and online MUN experience and community: Online Model United Nations (O-MUN).

Living in Cairo, I witnessed the start of the Egyptian 'Revolution' in 2011, and despite the disastrous outcomes, it changed me. Whether it was seeing what people are prepared to do for positive change, witnessing injustice and oppression, or just inhaling too much teargas, it caused me to decide to also commit to spending a life advocating for freedoms and human rights.

My dreams and ambitions aside, I am also a Film and Literature student who truly enjoys watching films (and hopefully, directing them), TV shows (Sherlock's the best, no doubt) and reading too many books (all genres, basically).

Feel free to contact me if you've got any questions or are interested in any way concerning O-MUN. Whether you're already an MUN delegate or not, O-MUN is constantly changing the lives of high-school students all around the world, and it can change yours too.

  • Work
    • Secretary General of O-MUN Arabic
  • Education
    • Hayah International Academy