Aliah Wright


Hi! I'm Aliah, a writer, an author, publicist and social media maven living just outside Philadelphia.

More than anything in the world, I love painting pictures with words! Believe it or not, I began writing when I was 8-years-old!

When I'm not working as a PR specialist and social media strategist, I write thrillers, haunt bookstores, cafes, and travel internationally. My favorite spaces? Paris, San Diego, and my hometown, Philadelphia. Go Eagles!

I have been a writer my entire life, working for nearly 10 years at Gannett | USA Today Network as the entertainment editor for GNS, the wire service headquartered at USA Today in Va. Before that, I was a political correspondent for the world's largest news agency - The Associated Press.

Now, I write books. My first one, a text book about social media engagement, is now in its third iteration.

My novel, Now You Owe Me, a thriller, debuts next summer!

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  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Temple University
    • Minor: Sociology