Alia Law Group

Philadelphia-based Alia Law Group focuses on serving clients who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure from falling behind on their mortgages due to an increase in an adjustable rate mortgage or an inability to make their payments because of an unexpected hardship. One step that Alia Law Group takes to assist its clients is an extensive loan audit to search for fraud, predatory lending practices, and other legal violations that may be present in a mortgage contract. An Alia Law Group forensic loan audit reviews clients’ mortgage paperwork in great detail. Over 335 state and federal laws and regulations related to mortgage lending, including the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Housing Act, and Equal Credit Opportunity Act, are reviewed, resulting in a 25-page report for the homeowner’s consideration. At least one predatory lending practice that is sometimes present in the mortgages the firm reviews includes usury, the charging of an illegally high interest rate. Alia Law Group’s clients may have also been granted a loan they could not afford if issued in accordance with debt-to-income ratio requirements. If the firm uncovers violations during a mortgage forensic audit, it can use those findings as leverage against the mortgage company in court. In some of these cases, the lender is more open to negotiating lower, more affordable mortgage payments for the homeowner. The firm may also be able to sue the mortgage company at the federal level to obtain compensation for damages related to the violations. Satisfied clients of Alia Law Group come from a number of different states, attesting to the firm’s knowledge of state as well as federal mortgage regulations. Homeowners laud the group for its professionalism, responsiveness, and diligence. The firm’s clients have achieved loan modifications as well as principal reductions in rare cases, allowing them to keep their homes despite financial hardship.