Aliana Alani


I am a writer, visual artist, and human potential facilitator. I do mad wonderful sacred geometry 'gates' that open energetic doors and help us come to a place of balance. I love to travel (peek at my novel, Between Worlds, connected to Ireland), to experience new cultures, and I love to inspire. First and foremost, I'm a storyteller.

I have this crazy idea that each of us has within the ability to weave an incredible story, for ourselves and for our world; a story of magic, harmony and love - that if we do that, our world will transform and we will all blossom.

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HERE'S A NEW ONE ... just created a group page up on Facebook called - Exploring The Possible ... Through the Power of Story - check it out - it's for all of us who want to create a world of harmony & love, and to share our visions of what that can look like now. It would be wonderful to have your vision/story be a part of it.