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Ali Anjum

Ali Anjum is a man of design and creativity. Recognition of his abilities was discovered during his school days. Unlike other subjects he was very much popular among art faculty due to his professional drawing at early age. He was called art boy in his school. After completing his school he entered into Commerce College. This was of course a wrong decision. Though he did well in those subjects too but after completing his intermediate he felt craving for art and design as his profession. He decided to enter into the fashion Design field. He completed his four years bachelors degree in fashion design.

He started his career as Fashion designer Internee at "ChenOne" Brand. After his internship he worked as fashion lecturer at "Islamabad college of management and Design". At the same time he was working as a Arts teacher at "Bloomfield Hall School" Islamabad. After completion of one semester he went to Dubai and worked as a fashion merchandiser with Aljaeidi/Balizza Dubai fashion brand. he worked their for six months and went to Stockholm, Sweden for further studies as he got admitted in "Ms Interactive Media Design" at Sodertorns University. After Completing his Ms he went back to his home country and now he is working with Leather1142 as media designer. he also earned computer graphics diploma along.

Ali is the man of design and creativity. His favorite mediums to express his passion of design is Pencil and Media software.

He is very good in sports as well. He plays Table tennis, Badminton, Cricket at expert level. he is computer insect. Socially he is very much active. He has a huge list of friends at different societies. he loves to be socially recognized. He has got very attractive personality

He enjoyed teaching career the most among all other working environments.