Ali Artar MD

Indianapolis, IN

Currently serving patients in the sleep medicine field, Ali Artar, M.D., contributes his services at JWM Neurology in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the conditions he frequently diagnoses and treats include insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, along with a wide variety of associated sleep and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Ali Artar first pursued an interest in sleep medicine during the last year of his general psychiatry training after observing that sleep symptoms often persist after other psychiatric symptoms improve or disappear. Following his studies in general psychiatry, Dr. Artar moved on to child and adolescent training at the University of New Mexico, which included fieldwork at a children's psychiatric center and a treatment foster care agency in Albuquerque. He next pursued sleep medicine training at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 2004.

Other professional positions Ali Artar, M.D., has held throughout his clinical career include a sleep center located in a rural Tennessee hospital. Scientific research and publications he contributed to include a paper titled "Sleep disorder, depression, and suicidality in female sexual assault survivors." Dr. Artar's involvement in the research additionally included a role in the presentation, "Suicidality Correlates with Poor Sleep Quality, Nightmares, and PTSD in Sexual Assault Survivors" during the 2000 annual sleep medicine meeting in Las Vegas.

Outside of his clinical interests, Dr. Ali Artar enjoys several extracurricular interests, including playing classical guitar and the didgeridoo, ballroom dancing, playing pool, pencil drawing, and watching movies, particularly those in action, indie, and foreign genres. Dr. Artar also pursues a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and several organized sports.

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    • University of Ankara School of Medicine