Alia Zahirah

Student in Malaysia

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I am a student currently living in Malaysia. My interests range from photography to music. I am also interested in travel, arts, and volleyball.

What people appreciate about me?

First of all, I think people are appreciate me because of my positive thinking attitude. I am a person who are always thinking positive of anything and anyone. I am a cheerful person and sometimes I like to make a jokes so that people would not being strange with me.

What are important for me?

For this age, I was always thinking about my family,studies and a life after graduate.People said that family are everything to us and yes I can't deny it because they are always being there for me if I needed.My second priority is about my study. For me if we have a chance to learn something then learn and gain your knowledge.From there people will know who u are.Lastly,its about my life after graduate, its being important to me because I always imagine and ask my self who am I after graduate?what did I do after graduate? Did people know me? That will always being my question mark.

How to support me?

For me the way on how to support me is people just being a supportive person and always thinking positive about me. Comments and tell me if I did something wrong so that I will not make it happen again. InsyaAllah I will accept your advice and thank sincerely.

Thank you for reading.😁

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    • Universiti Putra Malaysia