Alibaba Business

In alibaba import business latest release we've added new tools to help you to you: Search the wholesale marketplace for top products research the sales potential the products that you find there and directly source profitable products that interest you all from inside alibaba import business ...on your alibaba import business Dashboard you'll now see a tool labeled Source my inventory. Use this tool to search for: evaluate and source products and Alibaba To see how this tool works, let's source a common kitchen product: silicone cupcake pans After searching for these keywords we see a variety of silicone cupcake pans that are currently available on the Alibaba whole-sale marketplace For each Alibaba product we see a description and image and the minimum and maximum prices at which the product can be sourced By hovering over a product we can choose to analyze its current pricing and demand conduct in-depth alibaba import business research about its sales performance or source it from an Alibaba wholesaler. Clicking Source on takes us to Alibaba where we can see the product minimum order quantity: the price per unit and other sourcing details. Before deciding to buy however, we want to know how this product will perform when we sell it online Let's use alibaba import business in-depth research to find out. After returning to our alibaba import business tab we can hover over the product again and select do in-depth research to automatically research it using alibaba import business's in-depth research tool alibaba import business analyzes the product description and removes unimportant keywords before returning data that shows how the product is performing with shoppers Over the most recent 7 days of data the average selling price for products like this with was $6.04. We can dig a little deeper by studying the other in depth charts and metrics or by viewing actual eBay listings of outcomes for similar products Using this information we can decide whether this product is likely to be profitable for us This workflow works well for sellers that Know what they'd like to sell. If you're looking for new opportunities on the other hand we can now find top-selling eBay products in Alibaba using tearapeak's hotlist. The hotlist includes tens of thousands of the fastest growing eBay listings over the last week updated every 48 hours. Let's see what's on the hotlist right now. A Sell