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— im ali, (but feel free to call me by any of my kins🍡) and im still pretty new to this so forgive me if I ever slip up on my account. I might be quite inactive at times, im still not completely comfortable with people but if you ever need to contact me just dm @hatofirialushi (it's my main account, so I can guarantee I'll reply within a matter of minutes— depending on the time)💫

— as you can see, I love using emojis!☺️ if they upset you, I suggest you don't follow, but if it's just a certain one just dm me and I'll sort it out💕

— I tend to post a lot of screenshots of my kins, so if you see yours on there you can always ask me to tag you🌸🌾 I also post various other things in my life, so if they are anything you find displeasing I wouldn't follow🍂

things I tend to post:

• my cats😸😽

• my art homework

• pink things💅🏼

• my plants🌿🍃

• quotes💬




• Cat Valentine

• Kosaki Onodera


• Hiyori Iki

• Death the Kid

• Kaori Miyuzono

• Asako Natsume


• Hinata Hyuga

• Izumo Kamiki

• Jorgie Porter

• Aries


• Lucy Heartfilia

• Juvia Lockser

• Wendy Marvell

• Riku

— I know there are a lot of kins, I'm so sorry😅😖 I take pride in those I kin with, and I tend to have so many personalities it just all fits in😁🍃

— I personally don't mind if you have the same kins, the only ones I'm a little sensitive on are: cat, kaori and asako (but I still don't mind if you follow me)🌟🍂



— discrimination: especially those who bash disabilities, illnesses and mental disorders💀

— talking about self harm and suicide, especially joking about it

— I know this sounds super crazy, but I find the colour red with blue and / or black extremely discomforting😭

— another crazy thing, but capital letters in the middle of sentences agitate me

it can be for a name or a town, but unless it's at a start of a line I cannot stand it

it's different when it comes to rage and fangirling though😂😂


before you follow🚲

— read this and dm me a picture of either a cat or a bonsai😽🌿