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Alibaba Printing is a marketing Company that specializes in assisting companies to increase their market exposure, thus leads to increase in sales.
Alibaba Printing strongly believes that our quality offset printing and reliable flyer distribution service plays a vital role to our client’s marketing plan. We take pride in our business, aim to provide excellent customer services and reliable ground operations to ensure customers utmost satisfaction.
Why Choose Us?
Because we are always ready to serve you!
Because you are looking at the most reliable and company that you can trust.
Because we have been in this line for more than 4 years, with our FULL TIME DISTRIBUTION TEAM, and our fixed assets in office, warehousing facilities
With a pool of reliable and dedicated full time flyer distributors, we provide speedy island-wide flyer distribution. Our main distribution services include HDB door to door, landed door to door, Condo Distribution Via Singapore Post, HDB letterbox distribution, and car drop with as much as 100,000 copies of flyers/leaflets per day.