Alibi Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada Usa

Alibi Las Vegas is an unique, unforgettable, live interactive theatrical experience. It combines a comedy show, a scavenger hunt, a bar/restaurant crawl and a tour into one truly exciting experience that is only available in Las Vegas. This isn't like a normal show that take place in a traditional theater. Instead the stage here is real life locations such as the streets of Downtown Las Vegas, and its bars, restaurants, and shops. As you and your group of up to 10, move from location to location, you will encounter and interact with some of the funniest comedic actors Vegas has to offer. They will buy you food and refreshments, entertain you, and offer you clues and puzzles which your team will use to send you to the next interesting character waiting for you at a different exciting location.

Shows take place on Saturdays, year-round, starting every 45 minutes. First show starts at 12pm and the last show at 5pm. Each show lasts just over 2 hours and are fun for ages from 6 to 76 years old. The shows take place in the downtown Las Vegas area. No casinos are entered during the Alibi Las Vegas experience. See more at to book your show today!