Ali Elashry

Ali Mohammed Sameh El-Ashry .. (born October 22, 1991) known by his stage name Ali Blade , is A Egyptian rapper,producer and actor .. Ali Blade quickly gained popularity in 2010 with his major-label debut album, “3ala Matofrag” Prior to this work in some movies that have achieved a sufficient amount of fame and worked then in 2005 began his career in rap where he began to produce and sing some songs solo, through the internet without a product but it achieved great success for someone who began his career in the age of 13 years of age .. 2009-2010 3ala Matofrag Began to work on the album in late 2009 doing some tunes individually and then met with the product Mohammed Shrief, who was the first album the production and distribution of budgets and reliable .. Depending on the words of Muhammad Osama praise for saying in the album .. That is the best among all the rap albums, especially that particular production, not build giant companies .. After that, He promotion of the album in concerts all over the country in places such as Elsawy culture wheel , Alex , Ain shams Uni and Cairo Uni .. After its spread in all the forums on the Internet and achieved great success .. 2011 Mabaetsh Masr Began work on this album after the events of January 25 seen in Egypt, then "Ali Blade" released songs individually in this album and every song was passing for a specific event in a certain timing and after the finish of them issued a musician "Mabaetsh Masr" a musical written by "Ali Blade "and reflect the period in which passed out of Egypt in the meantime .. Then "Ali Blade" insisted to release the album because it was an independent period ended in Egypt, must we all have to start a new era with new ideas and creativity of New .. The album contains songs such as "Kanet Mahrousa - Rayha Feen- Bel Gazma - Lesa Dayaa - Mabaetsh Masr" ..