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Alice Farella

Milan, Italy

I everyday pursue my top passions, like growing and learning in the personal development aspect, travelling all around the world, experiencing the places I go to and working with passion, feeling I’m growing and getting happier.

I love being on the stage and inspiring and entertaining people.

Pole dance isn't just about sensuality, is about challenging your body and take it to outstanding.


Alice Farella was born on 1st February 1986, the day in which people forget about wintertime. In her professional life, she's' international product manager for a cosmetic firm and life coach according to The Passion Test method. She has created a personal development program called ‘Create Your Perfect Body, Unleash Your True Purpose’, aiming at helping people, especially women, to create the body they've always desired, not as an end goal, bus as a mean gold, to fulfill their projects and dreams, thus giving their unique contribution to the world. In her personal life, she's a passionate poler, runner, walker and dancer, besides being author and presenter for musical comic shows with an orchestra of 40 elements. Her passion for foreign languages (especially English and Spanish) and for wide horizons, lead her to travel often throughout the year even for few days and allow her to carry on her 'mission' of giving people contents that a are available only in languages they cannot speak. She love change and inspiring towards it. Her favorite quote is 'Happiness is a choice'. Her motto is 'When I think I can't, then I must'.

  • Work
    • tranformational life coach
  • Education
    • University degree in Interpreting and Communication
    • University master in Communication for International Relations