Alice Fell

Happily surprised at the quality for such a low priced treadmill. No regrets with my purchase.

Good size, not too large so it doesn't take up much space.It's not backlit but for the price that's not a biggie. I think it's a good value.

Excellent, easy to set up ... effective for the level ofexercise I am aiming for ... i.e fast walking. It's smooth and not too badnoise wise.

I like the workout options and that it lets you adjust thespeed if the workout is slow or too fast. My only real complaint is that theheart rate monitor doesn't seem to work properly. If the heart monitor workedif would have given it 5 stars.

I was skeptical on purchasing this because of the size andlower price but decided to try it especially because of its size. Tired ofgoing to the gym just for thetreadmill work out and catching everyone's germs.Has good work out setups too.

This treadmill is low cost product that does the same job asthe more expensive models. It may not have all the 'whisles and bells' of themore expensive models, but if you want a good workout - this does the job.

It is a little noisy, but so are the ones are the gym, youjust cant hear them over your ipod!

Good little tradmill for the price, it worked just fined, noproblems during shipping. I think.

Very good for the price. It is what I was looking for. Iwould recommend this to anyone who is looking for a treadmill to start with.

Highly recommend. Need two strong people to put together.Easy directions.

Was everything I expected ... easy to operate and tracksheart rate and many other desirable features. Would recommend this to all

My brother in law assembled it in 45 minutes and it is easyto use. My mother in law loves it to get a short daily workout.

As we all just hate exercise I so far have been able to get my exercise without going anywhere. It has so far been great.

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