Chef, restaurateur, and tarot consultant in Lisbon, Portugal


Chef, restaurateur, and tarot consultant in Lisbon, Portugal

Hello and welcome :) Below you'll find out a little bit about what I'm about, I hope you enjoy...


Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I now reside with my restaurant in Portugal. I am the founder, dreamer and main chef at The Food Temple in sunny Lisboa... have you eaten yet?

My food creations are inspired, compassionate, and damn tasty-- just the way they should be. You can find me cooking in my restaurant, teaching in workshops, doing consultations for other veg menus, or guiding your vegan nutritional needs (with pleasure!) Please feel free to get in contact if you have a collaborative idea, or there is something I can do for you. I just love throwing ideas around and seeing where they land :)

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Where my roots grow...

I believe that we can find a harmonious balance between the progressiveness of modern technology and design, and the world as mother nature has given it to us. As such, everything I do follows an intention of using the incredible technology we have today to lift and inspire us to design, create and nurture systems that support us as humans, as well as the sustainability of our earth and it's other creatures.

How may I help you?

I am also an eternal explorer of the unseen world. If we choose to go beyond my world of food, I am also a therapeutic tarot card reader, and a beginning reiki practitioner. Together we can look deeper into the things that don't appear physically, but show up everywhere in our lives in some form or another. From here, we start to make better choices in our lives-- the kind that lead to shining radiant happiness!

Do you resonate?

Please feel welcome to get in touch, whether as a friend, future collaborator, or to find out more... you get what I mean ;)

And ask me what the next project will be, because who I am today is brought forth by the future that calls!

Thanks for your time, have a wonderful day!

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