Alice Mordechai

Alice Mordechai

My name is Alice and I'm designing sugar cakes.

For me Practice designing cakes is an ultimate combination cooking and art which i love doing most. I enjoy taking part of people happy events and make them personal cake adjusted their tastes and dreams.

My first intrduction with sugar cake began before five years ago when I helped my house sugar daughter to design cake, we participated in a competition cakes in the company she was working in...we won first place.

About a year ago I decided to turn the hobby into a profession. Custom design cakes while I'm learning confectionery B"astlh "Master Class patisserie.

I invite you to view my cakes I make on Facebook , such as birthday cakes for children and adults, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, weddings, and the birth of a new baby.
Cakes not only look beautiful, they are also delicious and quality. I make sure to use quality ingredients and adjust the cake celebrating, in coordination with the customer.
I'd love to be part of your joy ....