Alice Tsang

After being forced into military school back in 2000 due to a higher power's extra long lunch break, Alice somehow managed to graduate from Sims University with a less-than-diabolical accounting degree.

When she stumbled upon a paper business card she made in sixth grade with a rainbow coloured title of "Senior Programmer at Maxis", it re-ignited her passion to finally fulfill her lifetime wish - to grow her career in the company she loved and admired as a child. When a career opportunity at EA appears before her, will Alice be able to prove her ten-bar creative, logic and charisma skills to the creator of the life she's ever known?

Lifetime Rewards Collected:

Multi-tasker, office hero, fast learner, and steel bladder.

Currently attempting to buy a teleportation pad to visit the EA Studio at Redwood Shores.

  • Work
    • "Anybody" at KWLW Studios
  • Education
    • Military School
    • Sims University