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Alice Xu

Hello! Thank you for dropping by my "about me" page.

I am a young sustainability activist--one of the main reasons why I no longer call myself an "environmental" activist is because I believe in a balance between the social, economic, and environmental factors to sustain our lives. Sometimes the environment must be sacrificed in allowing us to live in a way that exercises free will and enjoy the world around us! Mental and physical health are two things that I have grown passionate about throughout the past year, so if you ever want to talk about how I've developed as a human being, please feel free to email me!

I absolutely love meeting new people--whether you are new to the sustainability field, love human rights and equality, advocate for mental and physical health, or do all of the above! I grew up as a person that did not really care about the world and blossomed into someone who cares a whole awful lot--although sometimes I worry a bit too much!

Some of my accomplishments include keynoting at the Richmond Earth Day Youth (REaDY) Summit, going to the Arctic as a Leacross Foundation Scholarship Recipient (which, by the way, was an amazing eye-opening trip), co-chairing the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference, and organizing Freedom for Our Daughters' first ever Project Organizers!

My personal accomplishments include discovering who I truly am, and learning how to grow from that, playing the ukulele, and finding a way to connect with everyone on a more personal level!