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Dennis Jackson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, author and cohost of the popular radio show Messages from Beyond®. Dennis’ readings, enhanced by his spirit guides, bring comfort to those whose loved ones have passed over to the other side. Dennis is gifted with the ability to spiritually connect with people and pets both on this side of life and on the other side. Whether in a one-on-one reading or group event, or via television and radio, Dennis' gift of enabling spiritual communication has provided thousands of people with emotional relief, clarity, and direction. His gift consistently brings forth the message that life is continuous and the ones we love remain with us in spirit form.

Alice Best Jackson is a retired family law attorney and mediator ("recovering divorce lawyer"), author, cohost of Messages from Beyond®, and the creator of Intuitive Spirit Art Designs, a method of automatic drawing used during private readings and Messages from Beyond® events. Alice has used automatic writing for her personal spiritual growth since 1982, and now teaches the craft by offering her experience and guidance to others. During her legal career in South Florida (1977-1999), which began as a paralegal, Alice was a former assistant state attorney under Janet Reno's tenure, managed a successful private practice in family law, and also presided as a traffic court magistrate in Miami-Dade County. She and Dennis relocated to the Seattle area in 1999 to be near family, and to experience their next great adventure!

Together Again – Dennis and Alice are Twin Souls who were reunited in this lifetime in 1996 and immediately recognized one another from past lives. After 10 years together, they wed in August 2006. Together they are considered experts on the subject of Twin Souls and relationships. They are co-authors of two books: Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life and the forthcoming Life is an Illusion: Loving Messages from Beyond. Maintaining a five-star rating on and, Together Again has been endorsed by best selling authors, Larry King, James Redfield, and Alan Cohen.

Dennis and Alice's Messages from Beyond® events help participants relieve grief and gain comfort through messages received from loved ones on the other side. Dennis and Alice travel around the U.S. presenting events and workshops.

  • Education
    • University of Miami School of Law (Alice)