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Alice M

TO, Ontario

Alice like Alice in Wonderland. 18. Hometown of Calgary, Alberta. I am currently living in Toronto and studying Journalism.

I like notebooks and pens; dresses, skirts, crew neck sweaters, and cardigans; samples sales and any type of sale at all; rainy weather, good books and hot chocolate; loud, angry music and soft pretty music.

I despise snow and cold; skinny jeans and any type of jean at all; wait and being paitent; large crowds and small crowds; coffee and tea.

I have a major fear of public bathrooms and spiders.

I want to go into the enterainment industry. I love music, but I am vastly untalented, so I figure I could write about it instead. If not entertainment, then fashion.I'm very passionate about clothes, which may seem like a waste of time, but makes me very very happy.

  • Education
    • Ryerson University