alice olguin

'm 16, I'm a very sporty girl practicing tae kwon do, I like listening to music and dance, listen to all kinds of music, do not consider me a book lover as I prefer watching movies especially action and comedy but my favorite book is divergent as much catches my attention and I Facino that book. I love sports and hanging out with my friends and I love to laugh.

one of the days that I remember moré is when i was 12 years old in october 2 in a justin bieber's concert, i went whit my best friend and it was fu y because in a last song i remember that I yell there adriana love him, but the funny thing was that I said shakily and was crying with emotion, and When the concert ended , the father of adriana would pick us but we had very many people pushing us, my mother only wanted to leave and were going holding hands to avoid getting lost , my mom went first , then me and then she , we were movin too fast and it just felt a tug and turn around via adriana who had fallen into a colander and tubieron to take two men and after seo my mom followed and the next day she claim me because my mom for wanting to go fast, I did not let her rubbing while I memory just cracks me. It was very funy. And i remember this day because it is one of my fovoritos days

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