Alice T SK


i'm alice. Okay I'm a mix between nice and an asshole it depends on who you are I think everyone would describe me as stubborn, stupid rude, stupid, nice, loud and normally a sarcastic prick (again depends on who you are) I think I'm too insecure I don't know wether to trust people or not even if I've known them for ages, I do have emotional problems but I don't like talking to people about it. I'm starting to give up with just letting people walk all over me, I hate people trying to control me I enjoy getting people to take the piss out of me and bullying me just so I can point out there mistakes and I do join in, I do hate myself sometimes I don't really think before I do stuff I normally mess everything up with good friendships I don't mean to but I do, I do drink when I can I love being drunk, I don't smoke, I like helping people with there problems but sometimes I say the wrong things, if someone dares me to do something I will do it unless its weird, I also don't really care what people think about me I'm judged too much to care anymore, if someone blames me for doing something I didn't I just accept it cos I can't be asked with arguments I'm not too bothered if someone beats me up or if I get hurt I just accept it and laugh it off or try to get out of it. I am also good at stealing from shops I'm especially good with stealing gummy bears when I go to school cos the shop is up the road xD I steal too much stuff I could get in trouble for, I've stolen a guitar (no regrets haha) that must have been my best xD I'm not into hurting things at all but apparently my punches hurt and I'll only fight if I have no other choice, I love food xD my favourite has gotta be pasta (any type) I hate being allergic to curry as I love it my favourite drinks are coffee fanta and Tango my favourite colour is Green I guess my favourite animals are my dogs because they are amazing and I have a dog that thinks he's a human, I have an obsession with pandas and I'll bring them into ANY conversations I love cute animals, music is also my life and the only thing I've wanted to do since I was about 3 or 4 I play bass guitar and I try with drums but I suck at it Hahah I'm a bassist in a band but we have no name xD I've always wanted to be in a band on stage cos I love the adrenaline rush. My favourite bands are SKELETON KID FVK ashestoangels, velvet revolver, the pretty reckless, slash, alter bridge, nirvana, escape the fate, metallica and so many more I'm obsessed with suici

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    • bassist
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    • high school