Alice Audrey Grindhammer


As a Business Developer Alice has traveled to the fringes of Global Markets and implemented Waste Management processes in extreme environments. With Wasteland Projects she is engaged in implementing interdisciplinary circular economy processes and building communities to self organize around solutions for the global waste crisis. Alice is a “Garbologist” by training. During the last four years she worked at ALBA Group in various positions from assistant to the CEO to business development in the Middle East and North Africa. During this time she learned the recycling business inside out, implementing solutions big and small, e.g. disposing hazardous waste from ISAF bases in Afghanistan in accordance with the Basel convention. Most importantly, she learned from first hand experience that waste is not really managed sustainably nor creatively and thus a global crisis is piling up every day. Together with her friend and business partner Hannes, who has an extensive background in communications science and helps organizations go digital, she started Wasteland Projects in spring 2014. Wasteland Projects aims to cater to the vast need for solutions and opportunities to do things different — smaller, smarter, bottom-up, digital. Currently they are stipends of the Social Impact Lab Berlin. Alice’s goal is to put the Global Waste Crisis onto the agenda(s) and to develop and implement interdisciplinary solutions. In ten years she would love to have implemented recycling projects together with communities and partners as well as different Zero-Waste projects: Developing a space which nurtures a zero waste community and economy Supporting communities to self organize and create closed loops Working on 100% reusable and recyclable packaging for the industry Establishing Zero-Waste as a subject for curriculums on different educational levels

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