Alice-Bethan Walters

Hello I'm Alice-Bethan I am currently 20 years old, and I'm an up and coming Actress in Musical Theater. I act, sing and dance and spend most of my spare time training. I am currently studying Musical theatre at wolverhampton university in Walsall and hope to be studying at the Vancouver Film School after graduation

My biggest talent and love is my singing. I've been singing all my life and it is my highest priority and passion.

I'm a very active person, I love to run, rock climb and play badminton. I'm always looking to try new activities to broaden my horizons.

I have taken part in many stage performances and in the past year i have done some extra work for feature films and TV series. Filming is fantastic, i love working with new people and I enjoy learning about the business.

My first taste of filming was a short film called "Lift". It was about a girl who suffered with claustrophobia. I had to learn the script on the very first day as we were filming which is an insight to how quickly i can learn a script. Lift was directed and written by Frazier MacDonald who is very talented and knows how he wants the final product to look and how he's going to achieve it. Frazier is fantastic to work with and we always have a laugh.

Even though I love theater I have never seen myself as a girly-girl. I love gaming, Xbox over PlayStation anytime, and my favorite games are Portal and Halo. Fantastic for venting after a full day of dance.

Talent and Technical Assistant at Onlight Media