Alice Fung

Small Business Owner in Australia

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Alice has been in the education arena for many years, having lectured at tertiary institutions and training staff at a financial institution, within the Human Resources division.

However, it is the current education to the public of Wellness Concepts in both health and finances that she feels are the most important topics for people in today's climate. And the solutions are simple and effective. She's helped many achieve what they want – whether it is better health and vitality, improved personal growth and/or an additional stream of income.

And ... the best thing is that people from all walks of life can do exactly the same thing and "pay it forward" – a ripple effect which makes a huge, positive difference to people's lives on this planet!

She has discovered a great vehicle to achieve success in all areas, with a global company whose values are in alignment with hers – in terms of safety, non-testing on animals, environmentally friendly and leaving a low eco-footprint.

What is most exciting right now is partnering with a smart and savvy brand that is about Living Clean, Shopping Smarter and Getting Rewarded. If you want to benefit, it would be wise to contact her immediately for more information at